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  1. Someone else makes a mistake, I get in trouble

    A lot of the time the nurses will just hand me a paper with his latest orders/treatments and list of diagnoses with lab results/etc. I don't know if it classifies as a "traditional report" or not, but sometimes I've got to ask about specifics of the ...
  2. Someone else makes a mistake, I get in trouble

    The preceptor was on another floor with students... she came around to me about 0715. In the past, preceptors have never taken report with us, and the reports that we do get are computerized print outs, which don't list the latest blood sugar.
  3. So today I get onto my shift at 0630, and I read through the RAND and do my physical assessments/checks of my patient... at 0715 or so, one of my preceptors walks in and asks me for a report. I tell her the patient's diagnosis, secondary diagnoses (i...
  4. Know any RN's who became MD's?

    I've been doing some research and it looks like I'd need about 2 full years of prereq's in the hard sciences before applying to med school... which isn't too bad. What the med schools want is a BS degree, though, which I would have. I think that they...
  5. Know any RN's who became MD's?

    I was just curious if anyone knew any nurses that decided to go to medical school after becoming an RN. I'm 1.5 yrs through my BSN program and doing well, but something about becoming an MD appeals to me. I think I'd make a great doctor, having the n...
  6. Testing styles: Nursing vs. CRNA school

    Well, Brett, I've got a 4.0 so far, and have gotten A's on the exams. My criticism of this type of testing is based on the fact that it's not scientifically based. It's highly subjective and imprecise. I would feel differently if the tests were askin...
  7. Any Samuel Merrit Students Out There?

    Congrats on the acceptance, UCDSICURN. I'm sure you'll love going to school there. Wish me luck, too, though... I just finished my 1st year at CSUS (w/ a 4.0 nonetheless), and although I didn't get hired as an extern at UCD, I will keep trying.
  8. Testing styles: Nursing vs. CRNA school

    So, I've just finished my first year in a BSN program. The thing is, all the tests we've taken are "critical thinking" style tests... meaning, they are giving us multiple choice tests covering material that isn't taught or in the textbooks. I don't p...
  9. Any Cal CRNA?

    class size 35, applications 350, age 35, GPA 3.5? Am I reading this right? That's a lot of 35's. Just saying, is all.
  10. Some thoughts on the whole LVN vs. RN thing ...

    Offering my perspective, here... aren't people supposed to function within their scopes of practice collaboratively in a team environment? Isn't that what 4th grade was for? Excuse me, but this is ridiculous.
  11. Hospital Hierarchy

    What do you mean by power rankings/hierarchy? Are you getting at your responsibilities relative to others, administrative decisions, giving/taking orders, status, or something else maybe? I don't see the hospital environment as a power ranking system...
  12. You're a nurse! How unfortunate

    If you've read the other post with a similar title, you'll read that this person gets positive responses from people when he/she tells others that he/she's a nurse. I've got a complaint, kind of like that... but it's that I get negative responses fro...
  13. Undergrad/Nursing Class Percentages?

    Does anyone have an estimate of what percentile SNRA's grades were in relation to the rest of their classes/classmates in nursing school? Trying to figure this out... you know how test averages go, and the bell curve... say out of a class of 60 in a ...
  14. CVICU experience for CRNA

    I didn't know that... thanks for sharing. Here's a question for you, though: is it possible to get into a CVICU right out of school?
  15. CVICU experience for CRNA

    Call me crazy, but I've heard on this board that CRNA schools prefer level 1 trauma ICU experience. Does anyone know what the schools really prefer? Sure, you might get great experience in a CVICU, but is it ON PAPER what schools want? I always thoug...