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  1. tckoolaid

    Come On! Breathe!

    Outstanding, there really isn't a better job in the world to hate a least once to twice a day, and love on the way home.
  2. tckoolaid

    Dallas area Excelsior Alums?

    I went to the Dallas area for my clinic side of the test, but reside in Floresville, just south of San Antonio. Work with the state in San Antonio. Just relax it will soon be over. He He. I found out that the best part of our school, is the pushing on our part to make it. Your discpline will help no matter where you go. Good luck and let me know how you do.
  3. I am sorry to hear of your experience. I am a Male RN, and also had an eye-opening experience when my wife had to go into the hospital for a few days. I watch closely, and did see first hand the stress on the faces of the CNA' up to the RN's. I also saw first hand the stress being dealt out to them by busy Doctors who did not have time to clearify orders, or family members thinking they were the patients and bothering them for silly items. Since I am a nurse, I had no problem with the nursing staff, due to my respect to them and relating my understanding of the stress they were encountering. . My wife had great service, I believe due to respect and general couresty afforded to the nurses. I first hand have seen the attitude women nurses get, as oppose to me, when family believe I am a Doctor. I truly believe if you walk a mile in their shoes, the understanding will come quickly, the stress they live with on the job each day. It is always easier to destroy, than to build.
  4. tckoolaid

    2 nurses arrested in CA.....

    It appears that the two nurses did not have enough seasoning to call a grumpy Doctor. Understand that, but anytime a narcotic is used, my license gets itchy and a Doctor will be called. Been there with the tylenol before at night. Now we can see why nursing is so shorthanded, with sue-happy people out there. Terminal means its coming.
  5. tckoolaid

    Dialysis field

    I have been in the pedi/mental retardation field almost 10 years. I feel it's time to learn something new. I thought about Dialysis. Anyone out there can give me an idea of the starting wages and training available.
  6. tckoolaid

    St. Philips College

    I was that way when I first started St. Phillips back in 93. But I am still in nursing and now an RN. St. Phillips gave me a great start. The first semester is the hardest, due to the new field you enter. After that it is still hard but you can make it.
  7. tckoolaid

    Male nurses

    As the only Male RN in my workplace, it can be quite an adventure at times. 42 Nurses total in my work area, and I survive by playing big brother, and son to my peers. I found out by going the extra mile, and showing respect for the ladies by addressing them with Miss ____, I appear to gain their respect in return. The Key I found is to listen, and try not to give advice that you might not have on hand. I use the internet to gain answers for some of the harder questions, and act as a venting board for other occassions. So far I appear to have gain their respect, and I found out that I enjoy at times playing the rooster in the hen house, even if I can't help with the eggs.