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  1. Avrrcrn19

    Fairfield CRNA 2021 Application

    Last year they had over 200 applicants and did 90 interviews over 2 weeks. They may be still trying to figure out if they are having on campus interviews or video style due to the covid-19.
  2. Avrrcrn19

    Fairfield CRNA 2021 Application

    15 people each year. There is great information on the Fairfield website under the nurse anesthesia program.
  3. Hey Pearl,

    Did you send in your deposit for acceptance? If so, have you heard anything back from Fairfield? Thanks! Looking forward to formally meeting you. 

    Tyler Sheehan 

    1. Pearl44ls



      I haven’t sent my deposit yet, I’m planning to do so on the 16th. I’m so excited it feels so unreal!!!

    2. Pearl44ls


      My name is Lucy Shilasi, and I’m also looking forward to meeting you

    3. Avrrcrn19


      So unreal and so exciting! Gonna be a great journey!

  4. Avrrcrn19

    Fairfield University CRNA 2020 Applicants

    Email with an update status
  5. Avrrcrn19

    Fairfield University CRNA 2020 Applicants

    Just got an update! Got an offer! Good luck to all!
  6. Avrrcrn19

    Best Online Chem Course for CRNA school resume

    I took mine through Oregon State University. Labs are included in the online content. They have super great videos, tutors, and the teachers are very receptive. The available courses go all the way to organic and inorganic chem to the 300 level. No matriculation fees, no transcripts needed, and when your class is done the transcripts are free to send via the web. Cost per credit is a little over $100. Hope this helps!
  7. Avrrcrn19

    Fairfield University CRNA 2020 Applicants

    Hey everyone, Congrats on your interview if you received an invite. I spoke with ms.lynch (dr.moribers assistant) and she informed me that we will be receiving articles several days ahead of our interview to write about in lieu of the GREs. Lunch will be provided and that the day will be spent at the school. If anyone has any other tidbits they want to share, it is always appreciated!

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