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  1. tidybear

    Roseman University BSN (Fall 2019 Cohort)

    Hi luvmeems , did you get in to Sj university. I am thinking to apply different state since San Diego is hard to get in
  2. tidybear

    Southwestern College ADN Fall 2017

    I believe what you said because I heard couples people failed and did better at swc. Do you mind if I ask how many questions on exam because as I know city has 60 questions exam and if you fail 3 test, you are dismissed. I wonder how swc. Did they let you go after 3 test or they accumulate 78 at the end of semester?
  3. tidybear

    Southwestern College ADN Fall 2017

    Anyone who in nursing program now, can I please ask how is the program at southwestern college. Why did they require 78 to pass with a C, and city college require 75 for C and if you failed 3 test during the program, you are out of the program at city college
  4. tidybear

    Southwestern College ADN Fall 2018 Cohort

    Can someone tell me how is nursing at swc ? I get accepted to Palomar, but I like swc better since I took all classes there and it is closer to my house