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Nutritional Value of Peppers


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The most productive  vegetable I have grown this Summer was the peppers. I was surprised at all  the nutritional value packed in peppers, which has made me want to grow more of them next year.  I don’t like hot pepper taste but I have learned how to remove the seeds from jalapeños to make them mild.
My favorite tasting pepper is the long sweet pepper.  I had a beautiful potted long sweet pepper plant that died after the pot blew over in the wind. I still have one in the ground but baring far fewer fruit, maybe because it is crowded by other pepper plants.

I found some 12 in pots with water saucer attached which seems to hold moisture longer. I plan to plant a long sweet pepper in one of these pots next Spring and hopefully it will make it to fall next year.

 I am enjoying the second harvest of tomatoes which I pick green so the pest won’t get them.  Another advantage to growing peppers is that pest don’t eat them.

I will paste a pic of tonight’s harvest below and an old pic of my long sweet pepper plant that died. 

36D43BD2-52D7-4786-B06C-C15EB6354F56.jpeg 98467441-D7AC-4F65-8494-9FDFDA91357C.jpeg

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Vey nice! Did I see some Okra in the first picture?

Also hot peppers like Jalapeno and Serano are very high in Vitamin C andcan also act as athermogenic to aid with weight loss. 


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19 hours ago, hppygr8ful said:

Vey nice! Did I see some Okra in the first picture?

Thank you for the info about weight loss.  My co-worker eats pepper for to prevent constipation also.

I grew 6 spineless okra seeds this Summer which 5 sprouted and produced more than enough okra all Summer.  It is actually still producing but slowing down because of the cooler temps and decreasing daylight hours.  I plan to grow a red or purple okra next Summer to add more color to the garden.  I like okra in gumbo and as fried okra.