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Applying at JHH

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Ok, I have what may very well be a dumb question but bear with me. :p On the application page it says there are generic listings for all the units so you only need to submit one application and they will match you with a unit. Problem is that that's not the case right now. The listings change daily (literally) and have different requirements. So since they no longer have the generic listings would you apply to each one or just submit one app? I just sort of took that as the instructions being outdated. One of them that I applied to got turned down (I think maybe b/c I forgot to do that survey...it was the first one). So would you only submit more apps after all of yours get turned down or just as interesting jobs pop up? It also lets you copy all of your information into new applications so would you take that as an ok to keep submitting them?? I did three today, 1 the day before yesterday, and 1 the day before that? Overkill or ok? It's hard to not keep submitting them when all it takes is a couple of clicks. :coollook:

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