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Woohoo getting started!

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So i called a possible college. and i will be having a phone interview with them. Figuring whta would be my best option! Im thinking i'll be going for

Nursing Program - Two Year Option (A.S.) (Degree) . Then tranfering to a 4 year college to get my RN.

i cant wait to talk to them today.:w00t:

Had to share!!!!:lol2:

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68 Posts; 1,949 Profile Views

Oh it was okay... i didnt like hem to much though. because when i asked hem to repeat what he said he sorta got an attude. i was just trying to understand fully how the program worked. i dont think i'll be going to that school. i think i found one i will be attending though. im going to this class/meeting on 6.27 or 7.11 depending if 6.27 is full im unsure. but i'll find out monday! im excited to go to it.. because it will tell in detail what i want/need to know.. and what i need to do to get where i want in nursing.

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