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  1. TheNursingdoll

    Pros and Cons of Taking Evening Classes

    Evening classes are definitely an experience. Most campuses in the evening are the complete opposite of the morning and the evening students' hustle and bustle shuffling to and from class. Taking an evening class was always ideal for me as I never truly was a morning person (slowly but surely changing). I enjoyed taking an evening class last semester, and I can say it was quite a journey! Here is a list of the pros and cons of taking evening classes! Pros 1- Extra sleep One major perk that I had as a prereq student is that I've gotten extra sleep! While my classes started at 1pm and I would get up at around 10am or 11am (I went to bed some days at 5am), I lacked sleep. But when taking an evening class (during the first half of my course), I benefited from the extra rest. To add to this, getting 8hrs of sleep helps tremendously! 2- More time to study My evening classes started at 6pm, so after waking up and doing the basics (breakfast, shower, brushing teeth, etc.) I had more time to study, whether it was reviewing videos or quizlets. With the extra time for studying for evening classes, I can stay that I came to class more prepared than I normally did when my classes were in the afternoon. 3- More chill / laid back students When taking my evening classes, I encountered more chilled and laid back students. Most of my classmates were in their forties and up, and the rest were in their twenties. The vibe in the class was very chill and relaxed. The course actually helped and encouraged each other, which was a first for me! 4- More focused With more than 8 hours of sleep and studying the chapter before class started, I felt more focused. For people who are not morning people, going to an evening class will help them stay more concentrated! 5- More interaction with the professor In my experience, the teacher was much more engaged than usual. Because class either ended 5 minutes early or on time, the teacher was very eager to explain anything that caused confusion. Even sitting 30 minutes after class to talk about life and to explain material more! I took Microbiology in the evening, and my professor did work in this field, which really helped me understand the material. Cons 1- Excessive sleep/ Disrupted sleep cycle During the second half of the semester, I took advantage of the extra sleep to the point where it disrupted my sleeping cycle. I went from going to bed in the wee hours of the early morning to going to sleep at the crack of dawn. It took me several months to get to the point where I will sleep at a normal time. 2- Occasional boredom There were times during evening class, to where I want to either be in bed watching TV or going out to dinner. Sometimes going into evening class was very boring (depending on the chapters covered). 3- Long days I took a science class in the evening, I'd arrive an hour early to review, class started at 6pm, and sometimes we'd end at 9:45pm. It would be very grueling sometimes, especially when writing lab results and then looking at specimens under a microscope! To make a long day longer, I had other courses to study for as well. 4- Food woes If you're like me, you're usually hungry when you're about to leave class. In my community college, we are literally surrounded by fast food. While this seems awesome at first, it really isn't because you literally start craving it. 5- Social/Normal life is altered If you are a person who is very eager to participate in school, one thing I can say is that it's going to be changed. I was a part of clubs and had to depart and put more time into studying. Even the free time that I usually had during the weekends went into studying. How was your experience with evening classes? 🙂 References Comparing evening and day classes: 8 things you need to know Taking Nighttime Classes in College: 8 Pros and Cons