PAX-RN, anyone else?


Well, I took the PAX-RN test this past Saturday, anyone else? I thought the first part, verbal, was easy. The hardest part was the math, just because I am so out of practice with multiplication and division. I did not finish the math portion in time, but I did mark all unanswered questions with a "B" before time was up. The science was challenging, but I'm pretty sure I did ok on that part as well. Do any of you know how long it takes for scores to come in? I've heard anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.


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I took it about a year and a half ago...It was exactly two weeks when I got my scores in the mail. GL


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hi, i just started lpn school (2nd career)

what is the pax test and what's it for? thnx :)


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I took the pax test before I could apply for the ASN program at Delgado. It is an entrance test they use to determine if you're ready for school. You have to make over 100 to get in the program. It is out of 200...I *think*


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I took it on jun 17. got my results today. 125. is that good or just okay? im just glad i at least got above 100 b/c i didn't think i did too well.

what is the difference between the NET and PAX-RN?? i took the net for our ADN program, and it was pretty easy... mostly reading comprehension and math.


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I am preparing to take the pax soon. I have been out of school along time so I am very nervous. Can you tell me how it was? I am also not very good with math. Does it have Alegebra on it? How did you prepare for it? I am thinking of taking some refresher courses before taking it. Thanks I appreciate any helpful tips.

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