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I worked in the health care field for a while and I liked helping people. I am interesting in the nursing program. I'm not sure if I should do the LPN program or the 2 year RN program. I took some classes at a community college and dropped out after finishing College algebra, English, Psychology, and a few basic classes because juggling life and school was too much for me at the time. Now, I have more time for myself. It'd be easier to do a LPN program and transfer to a 2 year RN program since I've never taken the SAT. Plus, the cost of vocational school is so much cheaper. I'm saving money for school, books, gas etc so I don't need to work while in school. Would It be better to take the SAT and go for RN or go the long route and do LPN and do the LPN/RN Bridge program? If you could do it again..would you do the LPN first or would you go straight for RN. Is the RN program all new material or some of the material repeated from the LPN program. Hope you can help me with some of these questions.


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If I were able to, I would have gone ahead and got my RN first. BUT I was single and a new mom, I needed a better job so I went ahead and did the LPN course. It was full time for 11 months. And have been trying to go back for my RN for about 8 years now! (finally start next month!!) Even doing the bridge you have to have certain pre-reqs done first.



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Check your school's requirements too-

I was in a program where you had to do the lpn first, and then reapply to the RN (LPN was 3 semesters, RN was 2). We moved after the first semester of the LPN, and the school I transferred to wouldn't accept my core nursing credits for transfer into the RN program, so I either had to start over or do the LPN and then do the bridge. (I have all but two of the gen ed's for the RN program done already). I opted to do the LPN, will graduate next semester, but found out I won't be able to apply to the bridge until I've worked 1000 hours as an LPN. I have three small kids and dh works on the road, so I can't work while in school. I hate that I will have to take an LPN job and then quit again to finish my last year in the RN program!