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  1. Nurse Corps Options

    Hmmm. Curious as to why crit care nurses are not in high demand. Would it be because of a lower critical care patient population so the need isn't as high? I never really thought of that. If that's the case I may expand a wider net and consider the a...
  2. Nurse Corps Options

    Hello. I've recently applied for the Air Force Nurse Corps Critical Care, however, I was not selected this cycle. This was most likely due to a personal incident I had involving an apartment fire I went through and having to relocate and start my lif...
  3. NCLEX - It must be all a myth.

    Hello. I am a recent BSN graduate who also took the NCLEX-RN last week. I currently have an EMT job working for peanuts doing 50-60 hours a week trying to find time for studying and the family. I was incredibly anxious waiting to take the NCLEX as I ...