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Failed the NCLEX


Today I found out I didn't pass the NCLEX (1st attempt). During school I was very excited to work and accepted a full-time GN position in the ER and honestly it didn't give me much time to prepare how I should have. (I know it's my fault and I'm going to work harder to pass the second time) 

At work I now have to work as a tech and change my scrub colors. I'm so embarrassed and am worried about what people might say or how they will view me. I did ask if I could work part-time until my second test date (haven't gotten a response).  I just feel so depressed and embarrassed. 


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Chin up! You are not alone in this. I have seen so many of you guys that ended up as techs and are worried about what people will say. Naturally. But I’ll tell you a little secret... every single human being in this world will struggle with something. It doesn’t matter if its not the same thing as you, they have or will struggle with something that you won’t or will never struggle with. So it doesn’t matter what people say.. you are better than them in some other way and this does not make you inferior in any way! 

So focus... study. But don’t study content! That you know, you went to school, it’s in the back of your head even if you don’t remember it. Throw away your books. Go go .. now. Throw them out. 

Buy UWorld and do 75 questions one day and study them the next day for 2 to 4 weeks. Intensify your study to that point, if possible 75 questions every single day and study the exam. No, Sat and Sunday do not exist until you pass. Buy a notebook and write down rationales from wrong questions and even from right ones if you think you’ll forget. Give yourself tips in that notebook. NCLEX is the same format of UWorld.. it’s the best one, to heck with all the others. My story with NCLEX is a horror story- you would be scared, so trust my word. Make sure you get 50% or more on those exams! If not, you keep doing exams until you do and you will be ready. Trust me. 

Lastly- study that notebook two days before your test to have everything fresh in your mind. The day before - just breathe and take it easy because you’ll pass.

PS: if you are a visual learner look at Youtube videos for things you don’t understand (there’s a lot of free content there) and make sure you know your labs, craneal nerves, EKGs and lung and heart sounds. The end. You’ll be fine, chin up! Practice questions and questions- its all you really need to do to pass this.