Classes online???


Just wondering how you guys are taking classes online?

Where is this and how much does it cost?


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Spencerian College. We have assignments online (which takes place of the lecture). This is our first quarter, so we've only had 3 classes. A & P (we have labs on saturdays) English Comp I and Intro to Psych. We have to log on at least once a week, pull off our assignments, and reply to them like you would in class. Testing is online also. Timed tests. The cost is way too much $20 - 25,000. But, I guess it'll be worth it....being online.

has anyone tryed istudy smart online? lpn to rn??????


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It doesn't seem like you arte getting very far with your question, unless I missed it. I too am trying to find out about istudysmart. I have talked to a representive from there, but am wondering can I just take the test for the gen ed. at the testing center. Exc. will not talk to much until you have applied and I don't want to spend the extra money just to apply if this is not what I am looking for. If you find out anything let me know.



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:p you guys should look into excelsior college..... its known to be a good lpn to rn program..... :chair:
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