Congrats, you graduated nursing school! What a huge and happy accomplishment. While I do not know of a nursing resume service, there are some important guidelines for successful resumes and cover letters. Resumes Here are some key articles written here on allnurses Creating a Resume with 1 yr experience Give Me a Chance, I'm a New Grad How to Land a Job as a New Grad Revamp Your Resume Landing That First Elusive Nursing Job Cover Letters Limit your cover letter to one page, with three to five or six short paragraphs, in a pleasing layout with ample white space. White space provides contrast to dense text and gives your reader bite-size information a little at a time with a visual and mental break in between. Readers are more likely to leave their eyes on a document that provides visual respite. Use keywords from the job description. Application-tracking software (ATS) is programmed to pick up the keywords, skills, and experience for the job. #1 Avoid cliches and buzzwords (detail-oriented, team player) #2 Cover letters and resumes must be error-free. Grammatical errors are seen as an indicator of careless performance #3 Set yourself apart. Do this by making yourself memorable; give an example that shows what a good fit you'll be.. Remember- words tell, stories sell #4 Have a beginning (reference the position; if you know someone in the organization, mention it here) middle (show how you're a good fit), and an end (positive with call-to-action or next step) #5 Do not use "To Whom it May Concern". Find out the name of the hiring manager Close with a call to action Interviews You must also start preparing for your interviews because your well-written and focused resume is going to land you interviews ? How to Answer "What's Your Greatest Weakness and What NOT to Say" How to Answer "Tell Us About Yourself" Hope this helps and good luck!