I saw a nursing student and her instructor reviewing a care plan today and she was reviewing something about wording of the care plan and it reminded how frustrating nursing education can be and how mixed up it can seem to be sometimes!!! At my school, anyway, a care plan for something as post-anesthesia nausea would be grilled for the wording of the nursing diagnoses, the specific wording of the nursing interventions and goals.... to make sure that we were using impractical "nurse speak" as opposed to - oh no! - referring to a medical condition directly (eg pt constipated, possibly d/t medication side effect, keep hydrated, adm laxative as ordered, etc). Students should ideally be able to rattle off quickly the what's and why's. I think the nitpicky round-about descriptions required in nursing school make simple concepts more confusing... and end up wasting the valuable time of students.