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Yuba College Fall 2020 Cohort


Looking to find the other nursing students accepted for entrance in the Fall 2020 cohort for Yuba College Nursing Program. πŸ™‚ Where are you?... πŸ˜‰

Cohort Spring 2020. I believe a 66 or 67 was our cutoff. So if you above that mark you have a high chance of getting in.

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Cohort Spring 2020. I believe a 66 or 67 was our cutoff. So if you above that mark you have a high chance of getting in.

Thank you @el645ci πŸ™‚ we have already heard and received our letters (early). The cutoff was 65. 64.5 for alternates. How many alternates did your program take Spring? The director told me they took 10 last fall (β€˜19)!! Are you doing labs online because of COVID-19?

WOW!! Thats awsome we had to wait a couple weeks after we were suppose to hear back. For Spring 2020 we took 2 people one during orientation. It varies semester to semester. I do remember everyone waitlisted showed up. No school got cancelled this week....next week then its Spring break which is awful. How many points do you have?

@el645ci I know it! They had to leave campus so emails were sent very early! I had a 64.5 but Was told I am on the top of the alternate list. 65 is the lowest of the people who got β€œaccepted” We will see exactly what’s up next month, I guess. Very nervous, the director told me I have a very good chance of getting in... but I just wanted to connect with other- no threads have been created for this semester students. LOL. How are you liking it so far (aside from the fiasco this month)

@RN in Progress I wanted to go to Butte or Chico State but now I'm very happy I'm here. The instructors are amazing and compare to other schools we have a lot of things they dont equipment wise. The only advice I can give you get use to ATI everything is done via ATI so your test are similar to the TEAS which takes time to adjust.

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I want to take the online pathophysiology class this Summer at Yuba College, but I didn't get into the class. I'm on the waitlist (3rd in line). I was wondering if any of you knew if the waitlist for the Summer pathophysiology class ever opens up?? I'm so upset I didn't get into the class...

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@Nursinghopeful20 I would email the prof!! Let them know you are interested- but #3 on the wait list, and you want to purchase the textbook, and what are your chances. They may allow more adds. 3 on the wait list is high. This happened to me last Summer too! I took the class πŸ™‚ You should be fine.

Thanks for that suggestion..yes, I will definitely do that! You were on the waitlist too? Do you remember how high on the waitlist? Was it for pathophysiology? Thanks so much!

yes it was for PATHO. it was in the top 10.. I can't remember exactly tho. 7 maybe??

OK, Nice! Was the Summer patho course very difficult because it was accelerated?

It is not easy, but certainly do-able. You'll want to earn an A- so all of your time and effort should be dedicated to the class. Lots of notes. Probably depends on who you take it with. They are nursing faculty, so they grade as they would in a program. Do not slack. Stay on top of it. patho is a class that learns about diseases of the body- so you will want to understand everything in its entirety. Like- a pt comes in and is showing these signs... what is it. You can do it! It is an interesting course, and it will challenge you.