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Cowboyardee Cowboyardee (Member)

Your post will be posted once approved by a moderator

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Hello. I just posted a comment on a thread and received notification that my post would only show up after a moderator reviews it. I was wondering if this is a new site policy in general, if it only applies to certain types of comments or certain threads (mine used the quote function), or if my account has been flagged for some reason or another. Thanks for any info.

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Hello Cowboyardee,

The reason you received that message is because you quoted a post that contained a weblink. All members submitting threads and posts with links and/or quoting posts with links receive that message.

A couple other things ... members submitting posts and/or threads in certain forums will receive that message (TEAS, Criminal History, for example). And, members who create a new thread in the Nursing News forum will receive the message as well.

Thank you for inquiring about this.

Your account is fine. :)

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