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Your Favorite Resources, Best Practices, Quick-References, You-Tubes, Books, Etc

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by jnemartin jnemartin, BSN, RN (Member)

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Hi All!

I just accepted my first school nurse position and I couldn't be more excited. After working bedside in critical care and skilled/LTC, I have a chance to develop and implement health promotion campaigns and classes/training for students and faculty, in addition to the day-to-day of school nursing. I'm so excited!

So I'm asking all the school nurses out there - what are you favorite places to go for up-to-date information, best practices, evidence-based health promotion programs, etc... I even found some podcasts I've been listening to, so I am open to anything you all find helpful!

I have already looked into the NASN, and will probably join, so if there are particular toolkits or info from NASN that you love, please let me know!

LINKS appreciated :)

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NASN and local state chapters. Becoming involved (ie conferences) helps you become aware of new laws and practices. I was more involved with my state chapter. It felt like there was a greater sense of community in person.

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