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A friend and I both were working in SICUs. Since we both were young and unattached, frequently our nights off included partying. Working day shift after a night of parying was usually was not a big problem - we were young and dumb.

On morning, my friend has a very upset stomach and unfortunately accidently let out a silent, yet deadly fart. The patient was comatose, ventilated and 2 days post-op. Of course within minutes of the silent fart..... the physician came in - listened to the patient's bowel sounds and stated - "Well, I don't hear too much, but it smells like things are starting to wake up in his gut. Why don't we go ahead and start tube feedings."

Apparently my friend got the "deer in the headlights" look, while she wrestled with the idea of owning up to the deadly silent fart versus starting tube feedings when the patients gut clearly was not working.

Her decision - she owned up to the flatulence and the physician delayed starting the tube feedings.



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I don't know if I could have owned up to that one. I would have said, "Uh, that nurse over there who just left the room did it." Hee Hee!!!


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