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3-year or 4-year degree?

by Christine.sea Christine.sea (New) New

Hi everyone! I'm an international staudent that's gonna start my nursing program in Australia next Feb. As I had lived in Seattle for almost 4 years before I decided to go to school in Australia, I really wanna go back after I graduate. My nursing program in Australia is gonna take me three years. I can take the four year program if that's what the US government required. I really need some advise from nurses who had the same/ similar experience!! Thank you so much!!

Silverdragon102, BSN

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If you are planning on moving back to the US after trained then I strongly suggest you ask the university to work with you and you cover all areas as the US is general trained and many Australians have reported missing hours in Obstetrics when trying to register in one of the US states


It is unlikely that any nursing course in Australia will meet the US requirements. As above an Australian nursing degree involves less obstetrics than a US one, and therefore you will most likely need to do a bridging course

You will also need to sit and pass the NCLEX