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1+ year nursing experience

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I'm a recent RN graduate considering working as a dialysis nurse in the next few months or so if I am hired. I currently work in NICU, but I applied to a FNP program, and if accepted, will start spring 2018. I want some experience in another area before going to FNP school. What is it like to be a dialysis nurse? Would a dialysis nurse be appropriate since I'm trying to be a FNP? Any advice or inputs would help.

Chisca, RN

Specializes in Dialysis. Has 37 years experience.

Not enough time to aquire the skills you would need to be safe but plenty of time to become frustrated and quit. 3 month minimum for orientation and 6 months to a year before you could feel comfortable. I would recommend some type of cardiac experience. Much more broad than hemodialysis.

Thanks for the response!