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I passed!!!!!! :lol2:

Thank you to all the posters on here that have helped me, and everybody else with all the gazillions of questions we've had getting through school and then through the boards. I could always rely on the wonderful allnurses family for help!

And for all of you taking the NCLEX...remain confident!! And if you leave and feel like you are 100% sure you failed, you may be wrong so don't stress! I got 245+ questions (stopped looking at 244) and was absolutely, positively sure that I had failed. I went to my car, cried for 20 minutes, and starting planning how to tell my job and my family that I had to retake it. Two days later, found out that I had passed!!!!

Good luck and thank you to everyone!!!! :redbeathe

suzy253, RN

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Silverdragon102, BSN

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Congratulations Good luck in your new career


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