Yale New Haven Health New Graduate Nursing Fair (Fall 2020)

by sasil sasil (New) New

Did anyone here take part in that event this week? Or perhaps, even in the past?

I wasn't familiar with the structure of it (which entailed going into a chat lobby where you digitally waited in a queue to talk to a recruiter) and wanted to confirm/compare my experience with someone else's.

I did wait in the queue (expressing my interest in ICU positions) and managed to have a great chat with a recruiter. These chats were timed and she assured me towards the end that the next step was that she'll have her assistant reach out to me and set up a phone interview.

The format of this event doesn't give your any of the recruiter's contact info (e.g. email) so I don't have a way to follow up on this if I don't hear back in a timely manner. Wondering if anyone had more insight on certain things (e.g. timeline, people I may be able to contact).

PLUS, I would also appreciate any current YNHH nurses who went through the residency experience. Did you feel supported? Do you like YNHH? etc.

Thank you!