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Yale GEPN 2021


Hey all! I am reapplying and wanted to create this for everyone applying. I won't be as involved as I was last year, but good luck to everyone! I know they're having seminars and allowing people to schedule one on one consultations for applications.


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Hello, incoming GEPN here. I’d be happy to answer anyone’s questions. This group was what helped me keep my sanity during last years cycle.

@Psychmeout2 now that you’ve been through the process I’m sure you can go into this cycle with more confidence. Also, there was someone that posted last year that was on their third and final application. They had an interview first time, nothing the second, and accepted the third. So, keep up your faith and confidence. ❤️

@kc_FNPtobe Same! Towards the end I had to stop looking from anxiety about waiting to hear back though! CONGRATS on your acceptance!

WOW!, that's awesome! Yes I'm definitely trying to go in with a positive attitude and adjust as needed to better my application! Do you have any tips regarding the personal statement? The long prompt is the same and I am having trouble because my motivations for nursing, the population and specialty have not changed. I don't have any new healthcare experience to add either unfortunately. They mentioned my passion was shown so again, I'm at a loss. Thanks for volunteering your time and energy to respond to people!


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@Psychmeout2 I rewrote my SOP completely about 10 times. Then, I knew it was perfect. You'll know when it is. They love YOUR story. Start with a story - grab them in the first couple of sentences to keep their attention and intrigue them. They read the same regurgitated stuff in many applications and they like something different. I started mine by painting a picture of a certain race (I use to race cars) and tied it into a health issue, then from there went with the prompts in a cohesive manner. Obviously, it stood out because it's the first thing my interviewer asked me about, haha. Also, my GRE scores were atrocious, but my work experience, essay, and undergrad GPA made up for it. I also told a story in the "better health for all people" question which had to do with the innocent mind of my toddler.

In short, tell your story. Paint a picture of who you are and prove you belong at Yale because you're unique.


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Hello everyone,

I am applying for a second time. I spoke with Yale to get feedback on my application. This time around, I will be using all suggestions given to me while applying the second time around. Best of luck to everyone applying for Fall 2021

Hi all, Thanks for launching this thread.

I will also be applying for the 2nd time. (I applied in 2018 and did not get in)

MC_3: Can you share with me how you got feedback from Yale? Thank you so much!!


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I spoke with the Director of enrollment management,-----------------------.

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Thank you so so much! This is very helpful.

@CPMtoCNM you can email her and she will send a link for one on one meeting. You may wanna do it asap as when I did it, I had to wait 2 weeks b

efore I could speak to her privately.

@Psychmeout2: nope I didn't even get an interview.

And thanks so much for letting me know how much time it took you to get to meet with Jana 1 on 1.

I appreciate it very much and will email her asap!