Wyoming State Hospital

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Has anyone worked at the State Hospital in Evanston? Also, my original license is in California, and it takes an eternity to get verification from them. Does anyone know if the Board requires verification from your original state of licensure to get a temporary license?

Thanks so much!

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Not sure about WSH but the other state facility - Wyoming Life Resource Center in Lander - is extensively advertising all over the region for nurses (and other positions) right now. Avoid them at all costs. I'll bet they have had over 100% turnover of direct care staff in the past year. The administration is all about "human services" and doesn't understand nursing but lays in all on the nurse when there is any kind of incident. And then report the nurse to the BON. It is all around a very dysfunctional system.



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I worked at the state hospital in Evanston,WY but it was many years ago. At that time, they were not reporting any nurses to the BON. Sorry I can't answer your question because I don't remember things like that.