Wyoming Medical Center's 2015 GN residency program

  1. Hello everybody, I got accepted to the WMC graduate nurse program. I created a facebook group for our cohort. Just go to facebook and search for Wyoming Medical Center's 2015 GN residency program. I have not found any place yet and currently looking for a roommate. Thanks
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  3. by   sirI
    Good luck with your program.
  4. by   hope3456
    Curious to know where you are relocating from? Welcome to Wyoming!
  5. by   Juntra
    Congrats on making it into the program! I applied to that program and they called me for an interview, but I didn't go because they required me to come all the way from California in person. I couldn't afford the trip. Best of luck to you in the program!
  6. by   NursingGrad15
    Hi, how is the job at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center? are you liking the hospital and staff? I applied there and would like to know more if you don't mind sharing. Thanks
  7. by   hope3456
    I believe the OP is referring to Wyoming Medical Center in Casper.