Sheridan Memorial Hospital, Sheridan WY

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    Looking at RN jobs at Sheridan Memorial Hospital in Sheridan WY. My wife's parents live there and we would like to relocate and try to live somewhere new. Anyone working currently at Sheridan Memorial? I'd be looking at working in the ER or ICU. I currently work in a busy 12 bed general ICU at a 300 bed level II trauma center. Also anyone know RN wages at Sheridan Memorial.

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  3. by   PacesFerryBSN
    I haven't heard much from a nursing standpoint but the physicians have warned me about going:/
  4. by   schmidty
    Really? Awesome thank you for your post!
  5. by   schmidty
    Do you know why physicians have warned you? Did they give you any specifics? Thanks PacesFerryBSN