RN and NP vs. PA

  1. Hi, I'm a recent college graduate having majored in Health Sciences and minored in Biology. Currently, I am deciding whether I should pursue being a PA or BSN and then NP. I like how the nursing route would probably be easier, as it would mean starting a BSN program in 2018, working for a year as an RN, and then attending an NP program. On the other hand, if I was to pursue PA, it would definitely be more competitive. I would have to take a few more classes and accumulate the clinical hours most PA schools require. I know I want to be a mid-level provider over bedside care (RN). I like how PA is more medicine-based (NP is more patient-centered).
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  3. by   PeakRN
    If you want to be a PA by all means do it. I think that you will find nursing not be easier, and the reason that NP schools after require less clinical hours is that they are building upon your experience as a registered nurse.