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WSU Yakima

Hi, I was just accepted into WSU College of Nursing Yakima and was wondering if anyone else on this site was? Most of my friends are going to the Spokane campus.

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Hello there,

I just looked at Washington State University-Pullman on (collegescorecard.ed.gov), a public university.

They don't have Yakima listed unless they are one in the same.

The school has very good G/R rates and their tuition is also I think very competitively priced.

This school's performance statistics provide evidence and are consistent with providing you with success in achieveing your academic and professional goals.


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I didn't know WSU had expanded to having a campus in Yakima! I only knew of their Pullman, Spokane, and Vancouver campuses. WSU is an awesome school though. Congrats on getting in.

Thank you both! The extension schools are Spokane, Yakima and Tri-Cities. Yakima is listed on the WSU College of Nursing website just not on general websites as it is on the Yakima Valley Community College Campus but is still part of WSU.


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