WSU DNP-FNP experiences?

by bcmrn (New) New

I am looking for a current student or recent graduate of the MSN program to give me some advice. I have been deluged with blessings recently: I am about to add our second kid to the mix, I have been accepted to the DNP program, and I have just been offered a supervisory position in my group which could be a good pay bump.

The quandary is, should I accept the full time position? I am doing the DNP part time but I just don't know if I can take on a new role full time, add a child, and do the DNP and survive the process. Have any of you been able to keep the full-time work/part-time DNP thing afloat? Or should I just stay with my position now and move to part time/PRN to allow for studies?

I know, first world problems here...

This is unrelated, but I am wondering if you are doing the MSN- DNP program?

Where did you get your Masters?