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WSU CON: 2 more years


Hi Everyone!

So I just finished my first year of nursing school and it was tough and challenging to say the least! So I have two more years left... anyone have any advice as far as studying tips for specific classes? In the fall I will be taking med/surg 1 and psych. Im nervous but excited fir med/surg. I heard it was tough for some but I have already started studying for the fall. Anyone know how her tests will be? More powerpoint based or reading the book? Also, does anyone know any CON teachers and know how the tests are geared? Some have been straight ppts and others have been nothing close to their ppts. For med/surg do you recommend that I buy the book? Some students have told me not to and others have to said buy it. Also do you suggest any other books, like Medical-Surgical Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, NCLEX books, etc.?

Lastly, any recommendations on Clinical instructors?? I know I cant pick, but id like to hear others experiences.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I will be starting nursing school at WSU this fall. Can u give me any advice on how to prepare myself.