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Good afternoon.

I want to apply for the WSSU ABSN when the next round comes up for applications, but I have some concerns.

All of the science prereqs (aside from chem) were taken in 2012 and my microbiology was taken in 2011. Will they accept these? I majored in psych with a minor in bio, graduated with a 3.8 GPA. I will be taking a second anat & phys this year and the chem this year. I am so worried cause they mention nothing older than 7 years.

My transcripts don't list labs, they list 4 credits for a course. Of course we all know 3 is typical for a class and a lab is worth 1 but my transcripts don't actually say the word LAB anywhere. Is this okay?

Do they accept online courses? My degree was hybrid as I was on a military base.

Do they give preference for locals? I live in Winston Salem. Actually this is my only option, I cannot relocate my family so if they don't accept me I don't know what I'll do.

I have been working since 2012 at a psychiatric hospital, my plan is to go for a masters to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Will my years of patient care experience help at all?

Thanks so much for any advice.

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