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Writing smart goals???

Does anyone have suggestions on how to set up specific goals?

For medication teaching are people supposed to memorize and recite med specific s in 2 weeks, etc?

What us going to be realistic?

I think learning the medication regimen, i.e. names/times/doses is realistic within a week, and maybe a month for learning all possible side effects, interactions, methods for self monitoring etc. Really depends on the pt, but most of mine are elderly, and just taking the meds as ordered is enough of a challenge let alone actually learning all the details of say 20 different meds. For the rare ones with just a few meds they probably could learn everything about them within two weeks.

I hate smart goals...what do you do with the pt that has no interest in learning about the meds as long as they know how many to take at what time?


Specializes in ambulant care.

Cough up mucus / respiration exercises / release a cramp / loosen up the joints / use the trigger of the O2-Engine....


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