Wound vac dressing time frame

  1. I have a question about vac dressings. How long can they be used for treatment? I have seen one being used on a large, chronic non healing wound to the gaiter region of the leg, however it has been used for almost three months now, with slight improvement. Is this type of therapy something that can be used long term?
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  3. by   skylark
    I'm not aware of any time frame, though I guess there is probably info on the company website.
    Assuming its being applied properly, its highly unusual not to see a rapid improvement. I've rarely used VAC for more than 2 weeks, it does its job within that timeframe.

    I would want to check the wound for infection, (swab) and investigate the local perfusion. If its a venous ulcer, most likely compression bandaging would be a more effective therapy, but its difficult to know without seeing the wound and having more history.