testing for HBO2 certification

  1. I am currently studying to test for HBO certification. Does anyone have any suggestions on studying for this exam? Should I basically be studying out of the "Hyperbaric Medical Review For Board Certification Exams" book?
    Thank you for responding!! chochicook
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  3. by   vivalasvegas
    When I took MY CHT exam I used Jollie (author) book for CHT and Physician review, Kindwall's Hyperbaric Medicine, Tom Workman's safety book, the USN Dive Manual. Best publishing will have these books and check the UHMS bookstore. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   undertheseabi
    I took the exam in June. I suggest you study the Kindwall Hyperbaric Medicine practice book as well as the hbo nursing book. All you need to know is in there. Pay particular attention to the infections, treatments, antibiotic/IV stuff. And just know the basics of the MD protocol for HBO/indications.