Searching for info on certification and job placement

  1. First, I'm sorry if these are questions already discussed in older threads which I'm somehow feeling they are...

    I'm considering paying for my own training and certification. This is an area I'm very interested in for both personal and professional reasons.

    Can anyone give me information about the better training plans, certification exams and potential for job placment. Where are they offered?

    Also, I have been off the floor for about four years and have about four years RN hospital experience (med/surg) before this. Should I take a nurse refresher course too?

    how is the employment scene for wound and ostomy nurses? Obviously there isn't the same need as for med/surg or critical care nurses and although it is where my heart lies, there' sno point in investing all sorts of money and not getting a return on it.

    Also, I am a middle aged nurse. Honestly would it be difficult to find someone willing to hire me on as a newly certified wound and ostomy care nurse?

    your personal experiences in the profession are also something I would like to know about . would you do it again?
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