Pressure ulcer audits

  1. I am new to the skin care team at my hospital. I am in charge of performing chart audits every week, looking for pressure ulcers and related orders and documentation. My hospital uses a very simple audit tool, in which the nurse places patient stickers on a paper, and tells me if they have a pressure ulcer or not. If they have an ulcer, then they write location and stage. (Easy, right?) I am finding nurses to be very reluctant to assist me with this. I am also finding that documentation is missing, and photographs are not being taken as they should be. Any suggestions on how to motivate my staff? Any suggestions on staff education re: pressure ulcer documentation?
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  3. by   XB9S
    We have to follow trust policy with pressure area prevention and treatment, this includes a clinical incident report for any pressure ulcer over grade II

    I think that education is the key, our clinical education has put on loads of training days, and then provided education support at ward level to raise the profile of and encourage nurses to appropriately report and record these injuries