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  1. I'm not a wound nurse but I figured this would be the right place for this question. Got an order that said "silver alginate to wound bed" there is some 0.5cm undermining in the wound, should I pack the alginate into the undermining as well? or just the observable wound bed?
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  3. by   Future FNP 14
    Follow the order,however u can call md and ask ? When not sure always get clarification.
  4. by   KaeliF
    Yea I plan on calling the MD for clarification, I just wanted to get some opinions on what all you wound nurses might take this order to mean.
  5. by   Turtle in scrubs
    Yes, pack the undermined area. Just enough to wick away moisture from the undermined area, but do not pack tightly or it causes a pressure dressing resulting in an ischemic effect that interferes with wound healing. Of course it is always good to verify the intentions of the ordering doc.
  6. by   lorirn58
    Yes, the entire open wound bed should be in contact with the dressing; undermined areas are still open.

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