New Skin Champion here, in need of advice.

  1. Hey there friends! I have recently taken the role of Skin Care Champion for the PICU where I work. The nurse that had the position before me gave me a quick rundown of how to do my skin care audits every week but didn't teach me much about the care of existing wounds. We do have a wound care NP that is available on a limited basis. My questions are, what is the best way to learn about wounds, staging, treatment, and appropriate dressings? I need a quick teach yourself wound care type of thing. I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!
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  3. by   egg122
    This is a free wound course from University of Washington School of Nursing that provides free CEUs and is pretty good: UW Wound Academy | UW Continuing Nursing Education
  4. by   JamiePedsRN
    This looks great! Thank you.