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  1. Hello I am a fairly new CNA I am here to ask a question about an open wound I have from surgery. I had a tubal ligation surgery last week and it got infected. I had an abscess, it was cut and drained,packed and remakes about 3 times. Last time I went to the wound clinic they instructed me to pack my wound daily. I am unsure whether or not I am actually packing the wound or if the idoform is going in my belly button lol. I'm not really having to put the qtip into the wound but guiding the strip into it and it seems to be going in pretty easy, so I'm worried. When I removed the packing from this morning it was filled with the nasty stuff in my wound so I'm hoping that means I got it in there. Any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    This is something you need to address with your healthcare provider. Per TOS, we cannot provide medical advice.
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    Per our terms of service, this isn't something we can help you with - please contact your provider.