HELP..chronic burn wound

  1. I have a resident, LTC, sustained a burn from an x ray years ago. it is on her thumb. it is open, red, granulation tissue, is what it looks like, but in the year I've been there, It has only gotten larger in size, otherwise hasn't changed. it's about 3cm by 1.5 cm. It is excruciatingly painful to remove the dressing, to clean it, and to put on a dressing. It has copious serosanguinous drainage. It sometimes hurts severely even at rest, between dressing changes. Can any kind of lidocaine or EMLA creme be used on it? What would be the best treatment for it? we've used vaseline gauze, we've uzed silvadene wrapped with telfa, and now I'm using vaseline gauze to prevent sticking, then calcium alginate to absorb drainage, then wrap with telfa, then tape. (tried stockinette, kerlix, etc., she can't tolerate anyting but covering with telfa and using paper tape to secure it together and to secure it to the base of hte thumb.

    any advice on how to lessen pain and what to heal it.

    thanks in advance.
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