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  1. I have a non compliant resident in LTC who has lymphedema wounds on tge tops of her feet. The wounds have been there for over a year noe. She refuses to have wound dr debread. One has no depth but a wet scab the other is approx 0.5cm deep with granulation and small slough moderate serosang exudate. She is VERY picky about what is used as treatment and insists on feet being wrapped with plenty of gauze and kling. Some weeks will go by and she will only allow dressing change a few times. Santyl removed slough but brought odor. Switched to honey and wound improved over a couple days then Rsd went 5 days without allowing dsg change! Insists on wanting to use TAO or Bacitracin on wounds. Can someone HELP!?! IDK what im going to do with her!
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Please tell me her refusal for care is well documented and care planed out the wazoo? Why is she refusing care? Pain issues? Has psych seen her?
  4. by   amcolvin87
    Yes it is well documented. Psych has indeed seen her and she also refuses medications at times.