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  1. Soon to be RN over here. I will be taking my NCLEX shortly and I need to get Dressings straight, once and for all!

    What dressing are for what type of wounds? What ointments or creams? What to look out for?

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone with experience could direct me to info on this, so I can, at the very least, know enough for the NCLEX.

    Thank You!

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  3. by   lorirn58
    You will most likely have to just know what they went over in nursing school and what your chapters on the integumentary system teach. Wound care is a specialty and I am the sure that the NCLEX questions are still at the basic level. It would take a lot of writing to answer your question, actually!
  4. by   holinurse

    Thanks for your response! Unfortunately, whatever was taught in school was spread out, piecemeal, over the program IE doesn't help and give a complete picture.

    I hope others get it easier!
  5. by   NC29mom
    There's a wealth of info online for free....for starters Medline has free ceu's geared towards wound care,

    woundsource .com awesome

    all the manufacturers of wound products have a ton of wound related info on their webpages. Start there. ..

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