Does KCI ever hire LPN's

  1. I am an LPN with 15 years experience, mostly in home health. Some of you may call me crazy but love using wound vacs and the results you get with them and joke with my patients that I need to go to work for KCI. But really I would love to.

    I am beginning to study for my RN, I worked in sales before I ever became a nurse and would love to incorporate that into my nursing career. That is something I would love to do.

    Anyone have any insite to any of these type postions that would be available for an LPN studying to be an RN.

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  3. by   augigi
    Why not call the company and ask? I know as a manager at a medical device company, I am more interested in experience than someone's title, but at the same time sometimes certain qualifications are needed.. anyhow, maybe best to ask the company.
  4. by   colter517
    Yes they do.
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