documentation of a healed chronic stage IV DU

  1. At my facility, there is a gentleman that has a chronic stage IV pressure ulcer that is healed. It is on his ischium and has healthy epithelial tissue to the skin surface however this wound created a 4 cm. indentation that will still need to be cleaned routinely. The concern is how to heal this out in our documentation, according to guidelines and call it a healed stage IV instead of an active DU. I've been told by University Wound Care Nurses that this is possible. I need more information as to how to have our staff physician properly document this so as to follow standards of practice. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   LPN-WCC
    We generally use "Stage IV p/u presenting as intact skin..." Be sure to also include how the surrounding skin looks, and seating. MDS nurses have alot of trouble with this because of how they are worded, but from a wound care perpective you can never reverse stage.
  4. by   certwndnrs
    Healing stage 4. 100% epithelialized.