difficult wound care

  1. I have a male patient who has a scalp wound, on the superior frontalis area. (Between the forehead & the top of scalp). He is bald in the area and the scalp if very tight , making it difficult to heal. the measurements are as follows: L- 2.9cm x W- 2.5cm with center of wound smooth pinkish-red tissue, that if left covered for more than 12 hours, develops this thick tan-colored drainage. The wound is also very friable so excessive cleaning or rubbing this area will amke it bleed. Patient is not on any anticoalants. He was recently seen by a dermatoligist who suggested using thin layer vaeling after cleansing with mild soap & H2O. We have been treating this wound for almost a year, which included wound center, antibiotics, biopsy, which by the way came back negative for malignancy. It did infact, reveal inflammatory process. The wound does not respond to any of the mentioned treatments, including acticoat silver dressing. We are at our wits end. . Please help!!!!!!!
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    Take a look at the following clinical trial on a Pro-Stat Liquid Protein that has been 96% effective on wound care. I found it very interesting and we need to remember protein is a key component in healing wounds


    I've seen it sold at CWI Medical because I use them for other items. I'll find out more information.:spin: