Different kinds of tape

  1. When do you use various kinds of tape and why?

    In clincials we have access to paper, cloth, hypafix and something that looks a little plastic.

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  3. by   gwenith
    Look at flexability - paper tapes have little flexability and so should not be used over joints or tightly stuck on.

    Transpiration - how much does it transpire? Some plastic tapes have Zip transpiration and applying them for any length of time will lead to the wound becoming wet and maceration of the tissues - on the other hand you might want to prevent "strike through" which will increase bacterial migration through the dressing.

    For want of a better word "Stickability". How frequently are you going to need to change this dressing? How much "wear and tear" is the patient going to exert on the dressing? What are the considerations for removal?

    Hyperfix is fantastic in that it is easy to remove with oil - but it is VERY porous.

    I remember working with a wound care expert who had a patient come in - she had used Zinc impregnated bandages on this ladies leg ulcers because the lady was a farmer who had to wade in gumboots through muck and the Zinc bandages stayed on the best - allowed good healing and kept the wound clean.

    There is usually no one right answer but a balance of all of the above
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    Thanks for the good info, gwenith.
  5. by   gwenith
    OOOPs - forgot to say you absolutely HAVE to assess the patient's skin - who thin is it - are they on steroids long term (causing tissue paper skin) - is teh patient very diaphoretic, presence of skin condition like psoriasis etc.