currently an OR nurse but thinking about wound care

  1. I'm a RN in the operating room but I have always been interested in wound care. I followed a wound care nurse for a couple of days as a nursing student and loved it. How can I transition from being an operating room nurse to a wound care nurse? I don't have any med/surg or other bedside care experience- I've only been in the OR. I have no idea where to start. Any information/suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Good for you. I worked in the OR 5yrs prior to becoming a wound care nurse. I believe that a nice transition. I had my BSN prior to becoming an OR nurse and optain my MSN degree while working in the OR. I develop a desire to become a wound care nurse while working PRN in a wound care center. I subsiquently applied for a job with a group of vascular surgeons to be their wound care specialist. That has worked out nicely because I also crub in with them 2 days/week on in office procedures. It hard work but I love it. First you need to investigate wound care program and become certified. & with you OR experience find a MD group who have a large patient loads with wounds. Hope that helps