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Wound care/tropical areas


I'm currently working in the post-surgical ward of a hospital in a tropical area in Africa and seeing some interesting wound care techniques. I was surprised to find them doing a modified sterile dressing for all wounds (whether pressure sores or closed healthy surgical incisions) and was told that they have different microbes and different weather, necessitating sterile instead of clean technique. Well, I can see some of that, but a. it isn't really that hot/humid here (certainly not as hot/humid as some areas of the US), and b. most of these wounds are not sterile anyway--sacral pressure sores, for instance. I suspect this is a matter of tradition and custom rather than evidence-based.

There is a big emphasis here on being cost-effective, and I would love to think that I could help spread the cost-saving practice of clean technique instead of sterile... if that's really viable! Does anyone have any experience or resources (or even just thoughts) on this subject?