Wound Care NP???


I have never heard of the position and wonder what it is like. May someone elaborate on what your role entails as a Wound Care NP?




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The wound clinic at one of the local hospitals is ran by an NP. She treats the patients, etc. I have only seen a "wound care NP" such as this.

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Really? I thought wound care NP's are quite common.

I've seen them in many different practice arrangements. One, as part of a Plastic Surgery team dealing with all sorts of problematic, non-healing wounds or skin ulcers of any etiology requiring various types of dressings and treatment modalities (including surgical). Two, as part of a pressure ulcer treatment team in a nursing facility who specializes in determining orders for wound care. And three, as a consult service in a hospital-wide Wound Care Clinic or Subspecialty. I had a professor in NP school who runs a wound care clinic in a trauma center. The ones I know personally are certified as CWOCN in addition to being an APN.



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I worked in ltac with wound care np..so they do exist.



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I practice as wound care and hyperbaric medicine NP. I follow pts in hospital, LTACH, rehab, snf's and clinic.

It's a great gig. It has a lot of upside.

PM me with any questions.


I also practice as a Hospitalist NP part time.



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I am pretty sure that there is an advance practiced certification for wound care, kind of like an advanced practice WOC. You need to have a few thousand hours of practice to qualify for it, plus lots of education credits, and I don't think there are many of them around. But, an NP with the standard WOC certification would be quite formidable . . .